Kathy's Notes--


Dear All:

I wanted to share some photo's with you, taken over the last months while back home in Oklahoma. Larry purchased a new tractor to clean up some of our acreage on our place so with a little work on the tractor he was up and going. It as been a real blessing in blading & clearing our lot.

Next we found ourselves spending extra money trying to take the big Dodge Truck (Can you say Diesel Fuel consuming) to the closer shows, and decided to purchase a less expensive vehicle to travel-in closer to home.

Larry on his new / old Ford 8N

(Shift Larry Shift)

Larry & Kathy with their new short run Van... (For gigs closer to home) (Picture from our friend Dee Stribling "In His Name Ministries, Inc.")

Hi! Guys! I saw Larry & Kathy at the twenty five year reunion of MS Funk  this was Larry's old band. One of the players that was touring and playing at the Kansas State Fair was Tommy Shaw of  STYX who was the original guitar player in  MS Funk.. Tommy treated us to a STYX show, full of emotion & patriotism. Afterwards we went back stage to see TS before his next leg of his tour.  It was sure great seeing them laugh and carry-on like they did! 

From left to right: Robert Orr,  Bob "Chaz Baker" Colin Keefe, Larry Stewart, Tommy Shaw & Lindy Gallaher. (September 15th, 2001) MS Funk Reunion

If you want to view the NEW MS Funk web-site right here on www.msfunk.com  featuring all the old guy's from the old band. Where are they now?  Where have they been?  What are they doing? Click the button over on the side-bar on the front page MS FUNK.

Be sure and read Larry's Bio on the MS Funk Web-Site at www.msfunk.com read the stories about the 30 year Reunion with the guys and read about the life he had prior to Stewart & Stewart and the Lord.

Next I wanted to introduce the Stewart & Stewart Family Band and back-up singers... They traveled with us for quite awhile and I've talked about them when in coffee houses & other venues.

Boogie on Bass - 9 Years Old Maki (the Mama Kitty) - 3 Years Old on Keyboards, Scooter - 2 Years Old on Lead Vocals
P.S. : Their two scared to perform in public so we keep them behind the curtains! 

All this time you thought it was us making the music... What we didn't tell you is this is our family BEHIND THE MUSIC!

We invite you to visit our links page, and visit In His Name Ministries web site and pray about getting involved with one of the cases presented. 

We thank you for your prayers as that is really the foundational support for this ministry. In Jesus Love,



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